Kanun Mandalı

Qanun Mandals

We has been producing qanun mandals to best known qanun makers for 30 years.We are using nickel silver as raw metal which is  one of the most valuable  metal in music industry for mandals.Especially since last year within researches, our raw material “silver nickel” is more durable against to loss of gloss and oxidation.If we compare with  chrome nickel metal,Silver-nickel 3 times more expensive than chrome-nickel.Alpaca(silver-nickel) is very convenient  with strings.If mandals levelling( which needs very  qualifed hand work) is good enough,it can be used for years.Also our manufacturing method of mandals especially designed for getting brightest tone from qanun (kanun).

We are selling mandals with smoothed or non-smoothed options.

Ps:Optioanally,we are producing and selling chrome-nickel mandals.

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