About Erdal Cetin

Erdal Cetin was born in 1961 in Turkey.He graduated from İzmir Cinarli Industrial School(Mechanical) in 1978.After his graduate,he worked in workshops about moulding,and has learned art of moulding.He got a chance to work with Ejder Gulec and Sahin Sert because of his interest on Qanun.(Read More)

 He planned the tasks about Qanun and for long times he gaved mandal models and advices to qanun makers and made special tools for qanun makers. He has started to produce Qanun  pegs in modern serial methods(in Turner) for Qanun makers. .By the way He planned to upgrade outdated  producing mandal methods to modern serial production.And with big work and effort he succeed to produce mandals with modern methods  in 1992.He used alpacca silver as a material for mandals.And now,Best Qanun makers are using Erdal?s mandals for 19 years with no problem.And He is still improving producing methods and materials of mandals.And now,Erdal Cetin is selling Qanun materials(qanun string,qanun mandals,qanun pegs etc) in his office  in Karsiyaka Izmir (Turkey)

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