Qanun Pegs

We are manufacturing and selling qanun pegs for professional qanun makers.

Qanun pegs are using  for holding  strings tighten and up.

Pegs can be  made from various  different woods such as african ebony,rosewood,beech and cornel wood(cornus mas).

Africa Ebony Pegs:Its made from very high quality 1st class african ebony wood.

Pelesenk Peg:It’s not only very strong but also tuneable wood which is made from Santos rosewood.

Rosewood  Peg:Its economical choice for qanun makers.

Cornel wood  Peg:This peg’s raw wood grow in Turkey and has very high endurance.Its painted to black

Beech Peg:Its economical choice for qanun makers.It’s painted black.

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